Watch: badminton gold-medalist Poul-Erik Høyer talks World Superseries Finals

Olympic gold-medallist and President of the Badminton World Federation (BWF) Poul-Erik Høyer spoke to Vision in an exlusive video series

Badminton is at the forefront of everyone's mind as the Dubai World Superseries Finals reach their peak. 

Ex-player Poul-Erik Høyer shares the story of his Olympic gold-medal win, which he recalls as one of the highest points of his life, and completely "unbelieveable."

"I would hope for every person to experience such a thing," he says. Having recently established Shuttle Time Dubai, a grassroots programme set up by the BWF, Hoyer is giving young children and teenagers the chance to do just that. By learning badminton from a young age, more children across the UAE are being given the chance to become high-calibre players, even entering local and international competitions.

Høyer on Shuttle Time Dubai