Michael Johnson: ‘the one that everyone wants is the Olympics’

One of the greatest sprinters in Olympic history – his 400m world record has remained unbeaten for 17 years – talks to Vision as the countdown to the Rio Olympics 2016 truly begins 

There is no shortage of iconic, sporting titans who will grace the world stage in Rio next week. Household names and world record holders that will fill seats and headlines across the globe. 

But the Olympic flame set to burn from the opening ceremony on August 4 for 17 days of sensational sporting action will also ignite the careers of athletes that you've never even heard of.

This thrilling unpredictability, says 13 times Olympic and World Championship gold medalist Michael Johnson is what makes the Games truly special. 

'Some athletes you've never heard of, who you never expect to win will come through and win a medal and even win a gold medal. That's the drama and the excitement,' he says. 

Johnson's Olympic philosophies are finely honed, as you might expect from the 400m World Record holder for the past 17 years, and he now shares his secrets with the next generation of track and field stars; professional, college and young athletes developed at his athletic training camp in Dallas, Michael Johnson Perfomance.

Exclusively for Vision.ae, Johnson shares his excitement for Rio 2016 and describes how young athletes can transform into Olympians of the future...