The Vibe: Firas Al Jabi

Firas Al Jabi is the Marketing and Protocol Director of Skydive Dubai. He tells Vision about his dreams for the UAE skydiving team and how it feels to live and work in the best drop zone in the world

It was a big moment for the UAE to be hosting the 2012 World Parachuting Championships in Dubai (from 28 November to 9 December). It only happens once every four years and we have the best drop zone in the world, right here in the middle of the city. You can see the whole of Dubai from above

Sky Dubai
Skydiving is growing in popularity in the UAE

Skydive Dubai has a very good team and great resources. We are supported by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince, who enjoys the sport

Firas Al Jabi
For Firas Al Jabi, the feeling of freedom you get from jumping out of an aircraft is like no other

From a marketing perspective, I was jealous of the Red Bull Stratos space jump. I respect Felix Baumgartner, but I respect the person who did it before him even more (Captain Joe Kittinger, of the US Air Force, who jumped from 102,000 feet in 1960). He didn’t have the technology and the resources he needed to go up there. There was no training jump – it was jump and open the parachute, or jump and die, and he took that step

Sky Dubai
Dubai hosted the 2012 World Parachuting Championships

I would say that skydiving is more about adrenaline than risk. A lot of people think skydiving is very scary. Many of us have been on aircraft all our lives, but jumping out of one seems kind of strange. But if you go back to the engineering part of it, to the amount of investment given worldwide to this sport, the idea of the Queen of England jumping out of a plane at the opening ceremony of the Olympics is not beyond the imagination now

The feeling of you actually exiting the aircraft, the feeling of you being in the sky all alone with the incredible view, is a feeling of complete freedom. There are a lot of unbelievable views in the world, but Dubai’s is by far the best that is reachable

Sky Dubai
Al Jabi believes that the sport is more about adrenaline than risk

Skydiving is big in the UAE. We have a team from every single discipline, including a ladies’ team. It’s developing and it’s a great achievement that three and a half years after we started Skydive Dubai, we already have people who are competing worldwide in this sport