Urban form: Aerotropolis

Dr John Kasarda, Director of the University of North Carolina’s Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise, is famous for defining the term ‘aerotropolis’. Here, his 3D video depicts the multimodal infrastructure, commercial, and residential aspects of this new urban form that has seen city airports transformed into ‘airport cities’

As major international airports continue in their rapid growth, so too will the linked commercial facilities in the surrounding metropolitan area. Dr John Kasarda, who coined the phrase ‘Aerotropolis’, illustrates in the video above his view of a 21st century urban development where distant travellers and locals alike can conduct business, exchange knowledge, shop, eat, sleep, and be entertained without going more than 15 minutes from the airport.

Kasarda and Evolve Media developed this video to demonstrate how airport planning, multimodal transportation planning, urban planning, and business site planning can be synergised to create a new urban form that is economically efficient, globally competitive, attractive, and sustainable.

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