The Vibe: Adeeb Al Balushi

At 11 years old, Adeeb Al Balushi is one of the world’s youngest inventors. The Emirati schoolboy has already created a lightweight prosthetic limb for his father and a cleaning robot for his mother. He tells Vision what inspires him 

There are lots of paths to take through life, but the one that will ruin everything is to decide that it’s too hard and you give up. Then all is lost and everything you have accomplished is gone. Sometimes it’s the simple changes that can lead to the biggest discoveries.

Dad inspired me to become an inventor. He was a polio victim and couldn’t walk without a prosthetic limb. It was dangerous for him to be near water, so I decided to invent a waterproof prosthetic that would make his life easier.

Adeeb Al Balushi
Adeeb has always loved science and technology

I first wanted to help my dad with his medical condition and then I wanted to help my mum. I decided if I could help them both, then I could help the rest of the world. My inspiration is to make other people’s lives better.

I’ve always had an interest in science, technology and development. When I was young, I wanted to be an inventor or a scientist. I also had a passion to be Iron Man!’

When I ask my dad a question, he always tries to give me the answer. I wanted to find things out for myself so I decided to experiment.

Lots of things are coming but I’m not ready to tell yet – I’m afraid that’s classified information!

Adeeb Al Balushi, Inventor

Being awarded the Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award [for most Distinguished Academic Performance] was a life-defining moment for me. I was very young and it felt like a great achievement. These awards are a reminder of what I’m doing and how I’m helping to make other people’s lives better.

Sheikh Mohammed inspires me as he is a great leader. He likes to think of what the future could hold and what tomorrow might bring.

Sheikh Hamdan recently sent me on a world tour to learn from other scientists and experts. I really enjoyed seeing the different cities, sights and museums. One of my favourite moments was going to the National Space Centre in England as I have a keen interest in space

Adeeb Al Balushi
Adeeb was inspired by his father to create a unique waterproof prosthetic limb

Meeting other people makes me really happy. I feel like I have accomplished something and made a contribution to make other people’s lives better.

Lots of things are coming but I’m not ready to tell yet – I’m afraid that’s classified information!