The Link: Tech Hubs

As the technology industry becomes more lucrative than ever before, we take a look at the global innovation hubs that are bidding to take on Silicon Valley

1. 'Silicon Gorge': Bristol, United Kingdom 

Sky-high rents and a shortage of space in London have seen tech hubs outside of the capital beginning to spring up. One of the best is in Bristol, where the Engine Shed (the former headquarters of legendary engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel) played host to innovative startup incubators such as Setsquared and WebStart Bristol.

Silicon Gorge, UK
Silicon Gorge, UKImage: Andre Pattenden

2. Florianapolis, Brazil

Forget the beach: Florianopolis is the Silicon Valley of South America. This vibrant research and academic environment is home to around 40 new IT enterprises each year.

3. 'Cité du Multimédia': Montreal, Canada

Transformed from abandoned nineteenth century buildings into a gathering of information technology companies, Cité du Multimédia has become the go-to place for multimedia expertise. Home to nearly half of all Canada’s high-tech venture capital it sees leading electronic games companies house their headquarters here, as well as a close-knit network of small computer, software and online businesses.

4. 'Cyberport': Hong Kong

Cyberport is a creative digital community with a cluster of more than 300 technology and digital tenants. Equipped with an array of state-of-the-art ICT facilities, including four A-intelligent offices, a five-star design hotel and a retail entertainment complex, it aims to establish itself as the leading ICT technology centre in the Asia-Pacific region. 

5. Dubai Internet City: Dubai, UAE

Dubai Internet City (DIC) is the Middle East and North Africa's largest ICT hub, which since the year 2000 has served as a prosperous free economic zone and strategic base for several Fortune 500 technology organisations, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as the region's most dynamic SMEs and start-ups. 

Yabacon Valley, Nigeria
Yabacon Valley, Nigeria

6. 'Yabacon Valley': Lagos, Nigeria

Located in Yaba – a suburb of Lagos, Nigeria ­­– the so-called Yabacon Valley has emerged as Nigeria’s leading technology hub, seeing a cluster of technology and start-up companies set up shop in the area. Buoyed by the country’s budding, technology-savvy middle-class and massive online population of 45 million Internet users, the zone has steadily attracted venture capitalists, angel investors and media innovators from across the world, accelerating growth to the region.