The Vibe: Moza Mohamed Al Abbar

In downtown Dubai, gallery owner Moza Mohamed Al Abbar is blazing a trail at the helm of a forward-thinking creative space that combines philanthropy with nurturing young talent. Here she talks about the flourishing art scene in the UAE

I founded the Ara Gallery with the aim of nurturing young artists. It strives to support upcoming talent, with creative dialogue and workshops, to help develop a more well-rounded group of great future Arab artists. We also reach out to a wider audience through art-related charity projects

‘The UAE art scene is young and very interesting to be a part of. I believe the emerging artists will grow and develop to parallel the success of prominent artists such as Dr Najat Makki and Abdul Qader Al Rais. Much like in the rest of the country, art here is in a growth phase and is yet to realise its full potential’

The Letters of Gold exhibition, Ara Gallery
The Letters of Gold exhibition showcases the work of Omani artist Saleh Al Shukairi

I’m very excited by the young Emirati photographer Saeed Khalifa, who has sold his surrealist-influenced pieces at Christie’s in Dubai. His three-part digital work The Virgin overreached its guide price of US$7,000 (Dh26,000)

Zeinab Al Hashemi is a great young UAE artist, a finalist of last year’s Art at the Top competition who had her work displayed at the top of the Burj Khalifa. Shamma Al Amri is one of four upcoming talents co-creating an artwork live at Christie’s with Tunisian artist Nja Mahdaoui

Modernism, Ara Gallery
The Ara’s Modernism show focuses on Arabic calligraphy

In the show Taqaseem, Laila Masri, Mohamed Elmoslemany and Mona Chouk explore identity through abstract depictions of the human figure. Our upcoming calligraphy exhibition features major artists such Taj Al Ser Hassan, Khalid Al Jallaf and Hassan Al Massoud

I am inspired by the creative minds I meet daily through my work. We are not only curating exhibitions and showcasing artists, but also speaking to the rest of the world through our art and delivering a message of who we are and what we stand for. We are highlighting the creativity of our generation and the different perspectives each of us has