‘A multi-layered relationship’

During the opening night of Dubai Week in China, UAE Minister of State and Honorary President of Falcon and Associates, Her Excellency Reem Al Hashimy shared her thoughts on the growing strength and diversity of Dubai/China relations

Q: A key part of the conversation here at Dubai Week in China is around China’s One Belt, One Road economic initiative. What role does Dubai have to play in assisting China with that vision?

A: We have a very historic relation with the Silk Route. This initiative is in many ways a re-creation – almost an invigoration – of that past Silk Route. We are very committed to it and feel very capable of being able to contribute to the success of the One Belt, One Road strategy.

We also have some pretty significant investments across this route, not to mention the connectivity that we have within the UAE with different cities around the world. Whether it is in the spheres of airports or infrastructure or maritime, that connectivity makes us rather well positioned for this.

Q: And what role does China have to play in Dubai’s own economic development?

A: As a trading partner, China is one of the largest – if not the largest in 2014 – and the growth rate has also been rather impressive. So, China is a very important partner to us. And we look at our relationship to the Chinese not only through the prism of trade but also in terms of how we can encourage more tourists to come to Dubai, and how we can have more exchange and cultural diversity between both countries.

And we are certainly looking at collaborations in the financial sector.  For example, we are founding members of the Infrastructure Bank, which China has just announced, and so it is a really multi-layered type of relationship underpinned by the strategic nature in which both countries align.

And not to mention, of course, that we are aligned on a whole series of policy issues and political viewpoints.

In short, we see our relationship with China as a very synergetic relationship, a relationship that is growing all the time.