Data Watch: How the digital world impacts global trade

How will digitisation affect the future of global trade? From export costs to ROI and profit margins, Georgina Lavers reports the numbers you need to know


Estimated reduction in cost of exports with the adoption of a fully digital supply chain


Rise in profit margins for businesses that receive half of their revenues from digital ecosystems


Number of businesses to achieve Return on Investment within two years of going digital


Unnecessary supply chain costs incurred each year by Fortune 500 companies


Potential growth of value of digital economy over the next decade


Companies will export for the first time if they go digital


Potential savings if India’s state payments were to shift to electronic


In 2020, use of digital technologies could boost total global economic output by an amount equivalent to the South Korean economy

Digital success stories


In 2015 the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) handled 45 million kilos of tea, a 208% growth rate over the last three years that the UAE’s largest and fastest growing freezone has attributed to digital innovation.

… coffee

Efforts to boost Colombian coffee’s popularity among millennials has been aided by digital marketing campaign The Big Bang Theory. Growers are also using geospatial imagery and cropyield data to refine farming methods.

And a good book

From using consumer data to personalise marketing, to reducing costly shipping via e-reader Kindle, digitisation has been key to Amazon’s journey from internet bookstore to the world’s largest online retailer.