Building lasting legacies: mega-events

As Dubai prepares for its 2020 Expo, Vision takes a look at the case study of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games to consider how hosting a mega-event can have benefits that span the decades

Legacy, quite rightly, is the sine qua non of the contemporary global mega-event. Today hosting an Olympic Games or a FIFA World Cup has to about more than the carnival of sport itself. In addition to displays of sporting prowess from some of the world’s most elite athletes, there is an understanding that an event must create a positive and lasting economic and cultural impact for the host city.

Barcelona ‘92 was one of the first mega-events to deliver such a legacy. Ushering in rapid and substantive urban development and regeneration, it serves as a benchmark for today’s host city. From increased sports participation to tourism and employment gains, our infographic charts some of its many legacy successes.

Host Cities Legacy Infographic