Behind-the-scenes with startup ChefXChange

Start-up ChefXChange offers foodies an online platform to invite chefs into their home and is one of many local SMEs thriving in the entrepreneurial haven of Dubai

Food is one of the fastest growing sectors in the tech space, says Karl Naim, ticking off Uber and Amazon as two of the corporate giants branching into the foodie marketplace. 

Naim is ahead of the curve as CEO and Co-Founder of his own vibrant food startup in Dubai: Chef XChange. 

'It's all about the experience. You get the chef in your kitchen, you interact with that chef and it might even become a cooking lesson. All of that at the cost of eating out in a restaurant,' he says. 

Both Naim and Co-Founder Marc Washington have international backgrounds in finance and investments. 

Craig Moore, CEO and Co-Founder of Dubai-based per-to-peer finance platform Beehive, believes that Dubai is ripe for attracting young talent in certain sectors. 

'The most successful SMEs take models that have been successful in the west, whether that's in e-commmerce, food delivery or transportation,' he says.