Ashish Thakkar’s journey to entrepreneurial success

Vision talks to Mara Group founder Ashish Thakkar about business, culture and serial entrepreneurship

Ashish Thakkar started selling computers in Dubai when he was just 15 years old. A fourth generation Indian, raised in East Africa, with a company headquartered in the UAE, Thakkar recognises the importance of a global vision and cultural sensitivity.

The key, he claims, is to be “truly local, using global standards.” At just 35, Thakkar’s Mara Group now has a net worth of US$100m. With a firm belief that “entrepreneurship is a journey and not a destination”, he shares his advice for fellow entrepreneurs with Vision.

Though headquartered in Dubai, Mara Group serves Africa, the Middle East and the Indian Sub-Continent. Thakkar offers valuable insight on Africa’s budding investment landscape, and Dubai as a financial, operational and logistical hub. 

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