Project D London

Dannii Minogue and her friend Tabitha Somerset Webb’s womenswear label Project D London recently launched at Boutique 1 in Dubai. The brand is fast becoming a red-carpet staple worn by royalty and celebrities alike – the Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Mary of Denmark, Miranda Kerr and Clea DuVall have all been photographed wearing the label. Vision finds out what the designers have in store for Dubai’s fashionistas 

Dubai is completely different to anywhere else in the world. It’s amazing and we would love to come back and spend some more time exploring.

We stayed at the Atlantis The Palm, which is an excellent hotel – it’s like its own little world. We held our press day in the Poseidon suite, which backs on to an aquarium with a floor-to-ceiling view of fish – that was pretty spectacular!

I have a handbag line and Dannii had a couple of my bags, so she came to my studio to meet me. She told me she thought we would become great friends – and I agreed! Project D started with one of our girlie chats on a power walk along the River Thames in London.

Hopefully the ladies in the UAE will love what we’re doing – we think it will work for them because we try to consider women’s shapes: to cover their arms, make sure the length of our dresses is flattering and we always try to add elegance. Women in Dubai love to look glamorous and that is what we’re all about, so hopefully Project D London will flourish here.

Our launch took place at Boutique 1, which is just such a gorgeous store. We had cupcakes from Hummingbird Bakery with delicious fresh detox juices and we showed the glamorous Dubai ladies our new collection. It’s always great to meet our customers, see what they like, what works – it’s particularly important in a new territory. As a consequence of holding our launch at the store, we spent a bit too much time in there…

Dubai’s fashionistas are amazing. They dress every day as if they are on the catwalk – they always look gorgeous and incredibly well put together.

We find inspiration in everything we do, that’s the great thing about living in a city and getting to travel so much. There can never be one specific thing – you can see a colour on a piece of stained glass, or you can suddenly come across something wonderful and different in a vintage shop that gets your creative juices flowing. That’s what is so amazing about design – anything can be inspiring.

During our stay, we had the most delicious and indulgent dinner in Nobu – such an array of food. After dinner, we sat outside under the stars until the early hours. Most evenings, we went to Nassimi Beach and lounged on outdoor beds, listening to music.

Our label is launching next in Los Angeles, so we will be visiting there in the spring. My [Tabitha] husband is from South Africa so we go there every Christmas for a month which I just love – it is a great place to relax and have picnics on the beach. But I also love heading to New York for weekends of shopping and to see what all the big brands are up to Stateside.