DJ Bliss

DJ Bliss, aka Marwan Parham, is best known for his efforts to put Dubai's club scene on the map. Here he fills in on his achievements to date and shares his best bits about growing up in the emirate

It’s hard to pick just one memorable gig in Dubai because every gig is memorable in one way or another. Trilogy, at Madinat Jumeirah, was probably my first most memorable as it’s the location where The Real Flava, my nightlife events company, was born. It’s a stunning location with views of the Burj Al Arab so it always impresses clubbers.

The best venue to play in Dubai is, without doubt, People by Crystal at the Raffles hotel, where I host 411 Saturdays on a weekly basis. Having two floors, looking over the whole crowd from above and being at the top of the pyramid gives DJing a whole new dimension.

The thing I love about the clubbing crowds here is the diversity! I always take the time to notice all the nationalities that attend the nights I DJ at and try to give them a little flavour from their home towns through music.

My biggest achievement to date is currently having my own TV show, That’s Entertainment, on Dubai One. Although I’ve been hosting Emirati – a cultural show on the UAE – for the past three years and Twenty Something, for the first two years of my radio career, this is the show that I’ve always wanted to do.

People ask me where I see myself in five or 10 years’ time but to be honest I live day by day. My biggest ambition is to be the best at what I do and to help talent from around Dubai to grow to their greatest potential.

My fondest memory of growing up in Dubai is spending time at the malls, and I’m not talking about Dubai Mall or Mall of Emirates which weren’t even foundations in the ground then, but Al Ghurair. My dad used to have a shop there called Bambino which was the ultimate toy shop, then we’d run down to the arcade called Sinbad.

In regards to the growth of Dubai over the past 20 years, the size of the city is the most shocking. Everything used to stop at the Trade Centre, there was nothing but desert after that and now we drive all the way to Jebel Ali and you don’t see a grain of sand in sight.

My favourite way to spend time in Dubai is by spending Fridays with my family, especially my nephew. I love having lunch with my friends and family and try to be outside as much as possible during the great weather.