The Vibe…The Hamami Trio

Celebrated group the Hamami Trio combine popular and classic Arabic music with percussive rhythms to create a heady, Oriental mix. Andy Buchan talks to founding member Mohamad Hamami

Our vision has always been about performing for a wide range of audiences and trying to make a difference in people’s lives through our music. We want them to come to us and share their stories and open up. 

Every show has its own best moment. When we get together we just melt into our music to make it the best for our audience. We aim to enjoy ourselves and ease the pressures we all face by playing from our hearts. Our New Year’s Eve performance at The Galleria on Al Maryah Island Mall (Abu Dhabi) was special because the audience were singing and clapping along to every song. 

The trio met by chance, during the  lming of a TV ad
The trio met by chance, during the lming of a TV ad

The music we play is very approachable. It’s moving, it comes from the heart, it’s happy, nostalgic and it takes the listener to a beautiful and spiritual world. Our music has always been the escape that the soul needs, it’s the language that hearts use to communicate. We’re a unique combination of the classical sounds of the harp and violin with the Arabic tambourine pulse, which brings a real magic to the performance. We play some original music as well as having a very large Arabic repertoire that goes back to early in the last century.’

We live and work in a beautiful country, the UAE, that is ruled by wisdom and clear vision and surrounded by love and creativity. 

It was a beautiful moment when we met and started talking about the collaboration to put together this new, unique band. We became a group when Ayham came to us with all his talent and we formed the Hamami Trio, a unique band with a huge repertoire. Everyone adds their own strength and fragrance to the music. 

Hamami Trio
'The UAE is ruled by wisdom and clear vision'

If we had a message for fans, it would be to let the music nd the peace in us. 

Ayham makes you move, feel, dance and swing with his rhythmic tam- bourine pulses. Lidia is the stunning centrepiece of the Hamami Trio and adds charm and the bass to our music, and elegantly takes our sound to a new level. I play the violin and complete the storytelling through music. I’m a world citizen and believe that music unites us all, with no borders, and that musicians have special powers in their hands. 

We’re big fans of Charbel Rouhana. He’s an excellent oud player, composer and singer, and writes his own original music and collaborates with different orchestras around the world.