DUST never settles

Mostyn Rischmueller and James Locksmith are the brains behind DUST, an underground night out in Dubai. They talk about the best nights they have ever hosted, as well as why the underground scene is quietly making waves in the emirate

Vision: What is DUST, and what brought you both to Dubai?

DUST: At DUST we manage parties, specialised events, tour management and a variety of media services. Mostyn has been here for six years or so and James has been here for three. Both of us were looking for a change of scenery with our lives, careers, and music – and to be closer to the rest of the world, as we are originally from Australia.  

More and more audiences are seeking out alternative, less 'cynical' events where good music and nice people are the focus

V: What are some of the best nights, in your opinion, that you have hosted?

D: One of the biggest and best DUST events to date was Tiger Translate in January last year, which was the first ever Media One Hotel Dubai car park event, with close to 2000 attendees. Headliners included Pat Mahoney of LCD Soundsystem, producer/DJ Seiji of legendary UK broken beats production crew Bugs In The Attic, alongside local and regional artists. 

We also produced an event for disco legend John Morales (M&M Productions New York) with 500 people in attendance. That event was then followed by a joint event with Red Bull Music Academy's Bass Camp, which featured dance music legend (and one half of Masters At Work), Kenny Dope, with another capacity crowd.   2013 was certainly our break out year for DUST with legendary artists and milestone events. 

DUST Mostyn Rischmueller James Locksmith
The pair describes the Dubai audience as "passionate, from all backgrounds, very informed and loves to dance"

V: Do you feel the audience understand what you are trying to do?

D: We believe that both our local and international guests see what we’re trying to do, which is quite niche compared to the more mainstream promoters, DJs and production teams in Dubai, but we prefer it that way. Fortunately we are not the only ones outside of the mainstream genre – as the local music scene here grows, we all compliment each other within a "niche underground scene" of sorts. Now, we find that more and more audiences are seeking out alternative, less 'cynical' events where good music and nice people are the focus.

V: Do producers or DJ’s that you bring to Dubai enjoy their visit to the emirate?

D: Many of the artists that we bring over have a very different idea before arriving They don't realise that there is culture and history here to enjoy, in addition to an underground alternative music pulse. Not only do they enjoy themselves but they're pleasantly surprised by the audience; they're passionate, from all backgrounds, very informed and love to dance. Every international artist who has joined us has been very keen to come back as soon as possible.