Rumble heard loud and clear at Al Quoz classic car event

Vision goes under the bonnet at a new classic car show celebrating all things vintage, talking to owners and enthusiasts who meet in Al Quoz to show off their prized automobiles

It’s a warm Friday evening in Al Quoz, Dubai’s reformed and revived industrial area. On a quiet corner in 4th street a bright yellow ’54 Chevy pickup marks the spot of the first Rumble Cycles hot rod, vintage car and bike meet.

It’s not quiet for long. Soon, the event - called ‘One Life, Rumble Hard, Burn Rubber’ - attracts a growling collection of mechanical kit, from A-Team style Chevy vans, to a 70s Porsche Carrera S looking tiny among the American muscle, and a lovely long red Ford Galaxie 500.

“The idea behind it comes from a cultural perspective,” explained Tarek Azmi, organiser of the event and owner of Rumble Cycles. “There are a lot of classic and vintage cars around and I saw a few pics, here and there, of people who own hot rods. So I thought let me try and get these guys together.”

Despite the varied collection of cars, bikes and hot rods, Azmi believes they all have something in common.

“There's a love and passion for great machines, plus the heart and soul each person puts into it,” he says. “I wanted to get these like-minded people together and make it a bit more fun. Another reason I’m doing this is to find out who's who and who does what.”

The event also included a few trophies offered up for the cars and bikes that impressed the most. Judges Bear Garcia and Cord Newman - who both run their own custom garages - were on the look out for the right combination of originality, creativity and effort on the part of the owners.

“The question is,” said Garcia, “did they build it, or did they buy it?”

Rayan Abou Daher’s hot-rod picked up a prize and got itself snapped at a car-sized ‘photo booth’ set up on site. This let the winners and other participants get a professional shot of their much-loved machines.

Azmi hopes the next event will be even bigger. He’s aiming for more than just a showcase of local vintage and classic machines, hoping to add a parade and a selection of post-parade activities too.

One thing is certain, you will hear the rumble coming.