Know Dubai, explore its diversity

Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) is the Chinese organiser of the Dubai Week in China, a seven-day event that champions the emirate for a Chinese audience. Vision asks Madam Li Xiaolin, the president of CPAFFC, what she expects from the event 

Vision: Have you been to Dubai before? What's your impression of the city?

Li: I've visited Dubai twice. The visit this March gave me a deep insight into the emirate, and I think Dubai is an amazing international metropolis. It has developed into the Middle East's most important trade, transportation, tourism and shopping centre from a small fishing village in just 40 years. Giving full play to their strengths, the city has been adhering to innovation, adopting a policy of free economic stability to achieve economic transformation, which has led to a rapid development in trade, tourism, high-tech, and other fields.

The Dubai China Week is being held in Beijing for the first time. What role does CPAFFC play in the event?

Li: CPAFFC is the Chinese organiser of the Dubai China Week. We're holding the event together with Falcon and Associates so that Chinese people can taste Arabic culture, meet entrepreneurs and explore business opportunities; that mutual understanding and friendly cooperation will be improved between the people of both places.

What are the important elements of the China Week? What can visitors expect from it?

Li: The activities will include business meetings, sports and culture-themed activities. The visitors will be able to understand the various industries and fields of Dubai, including previously unfamiliar ones, to experience the hospitality of the Arab people, the rich and colourful Dubai culture and the historical Bedouin heritage.

We hope that through this week everyone can see what Dubai has achieved in other fields besides economic development

Madam Li Xiaolin, President of CPAFFC

How do you think Dubai China Week will deepen and broaden the public understanding about Dubai?

Li: When it comes to Dubai, people's first impressions are of a luxury shopping paradise with sport cars roaring by; and when it comes to buildings in Dubai, Burj Al Arab is the one and only. We hope that through this week everyone can see what Dubai has achieved in other fields besides economic development. This city is a vibrant, atypical, emerging market of opportunity for people from all classes to live and start a business.

In the "Belt and Road" strategy put forward by China, what role will Dubai play? How it will bring cooperation between China and Dubai?

Li: Dubai is located at the crossroads where the two key economic belts of the silk road and the marine silk road meet.  With its geographical advantage, Dubai can provide support in finance, employment, transport and other aspects for the development of the strategy. Meanwhile, the implementation of the "Belt and Road" will certainly promote China-UAE bilateral trade, achieving a mutually beneficial win-win situation.