The Vibe: Hamdan Al Abri

Hamdan Al Abri is frontman for one of the most successful bands to break out of Dubai, ABRI. With MTV airplay all over the world, the soul funkster who is making waves in the international music scene talks to Vision as he prepares to go it alone with his debut solo album, out this month

My ultimate ambition is to live comfortably from making and performing music. I want to be out there experiencing the world while doing tours. I love music so much and it has had such a deep impact on my life from the very day I was born. I just want to share that with everybody and anybody who is willing to listen

Hamdan Al Abri
Becoming a musician fulfilled a life-long ambition for the starImage: Fitri Wahib

I grew up watching MTV. That’s where I got my early music education so I was on cloud nine when MTV started playing our video.

Hamdan Al Abri
Hamdan Al Abri has had a lot of creative input in the studio

I’m currently working on my self-titled solo EP that I will be releasing in the fall. It’s different from ABRI’s sound and definitely more personal, but I really enjoyed making it. I was involved with the creative side of it from start to finish and worked with an amazing up-and-coming producer called Dozing Duke, as well as producing and co-producing on the EP myself. I’m very excited for people to hear it

Hamdan Al Abri
Hamdan Al Abri performing liveImage: Fitri Wahib

Dubai’s music scene is steadily growing. When we came out there were only a handful of bands doing their own thing, now there are more bands, groups and artists coming out of the UAE. It’s amazing to see the scene growing bigger and bigger

Hamdan Al Abri and Erykah Badu
Erykah Badu performed with Al Abri

I’ve shared the stage with quite a few big, international names and I have to say Arrested Development, Joss Stone and Erykah Badu were my favourite. I loved the fact that they were all so down to earth

It feels good to know we’re out there [in the music world] representing Dubai and the UAE as a whole. We are paving the way for up-and-coming homegrown artists