The VIbe: Fayza Al Mashjari

Vision meets talented Emirati Fayza Al Mashjari, a young designer who is rapidly making a name for herself after her design was selected for the Mubadala World Tennis Championship trophy. Here, she talks about her inspiration and work

I started studying early in 2005, but took a two-year break when I married and became a mother of two. I went back to study at the College of Arts and Creative Enterprises at Zayed University, which has a foundation course in fine arts and design. Now I’m a senior student and expect to graduate in June this year

I prefer to design for the way we live and work today. I have a passion for merging classic simplicity with contemporary life. I consider myself an artist and a designer who is influenced by the things that matter to me: family, culture, nature.

Trophy by Fayza Al Mashjari
The trophy is designed to reflect the energy of the Emirates

The concept of the trophy is all about energy. We wake up every morning full of hope and ready to give to the world as much as possible using our talent, skills and experience. I have a busy and energetic life from the moment I start in the early morning to when I leave home and absorb the energy from the ongoing construction taking place in our cities. The trophy is called Flames of Motion because everything is in motion – my life is like the continuously moving cogs in a watch and the same is true of the players for whom I designed the trophy.

Fayza Al Mashjari
Fayza Al Mashjari studys fine arts and design at the College of Arts and Creative Enterprises at Zayed University

Culture is very important to me. In my design, I tried to portray the movement of objects that we see every day but probably don’t notice, such as the loose movement of clothes like the abaya, sheila or ghutra. I also wanted to reflect the high energy that is very noticeable in our country and I tried to express it by sketching the trophy in a way that makes it look like a flame.

Fayza Al Mashjari working with glass
Al Mashjari has a passion for merging classic simplicity with contemporary life

I’m very proud that my design was selected for an international event such as the Mubadala World Tennis Championship. I hope this opportunity will open doors for me at the start of my career. Winning the competition made me realise that I can achieve my dreams if I work hard and send my work out to the world