LUMAS: The Berlin gallery that went to Dubai

One of the internationally known LUMAS galleries is now open in Dubai, as the founders seek to bring limited edition photographic art pieces to the general public

This September, a crowd of enthusiasts and art lovers celebrated the arrival of a new gallery at DIFC Gate Village in the heart of Dubai’s financial center.

With 32 galleries around the world, LUMAS offers museum-quality editions at affordable prices. Its portfolio includes more than 1,400 works by 160 established artists and promising newcomers. All works are sold with hand-signed originals in limited editions – usually with print runs of 75-150.

In a statement, the gallery said that its professionalism and passion for photography made the Gate Village in the International Finance Centre the perfect location. “Among the bank towers and modern structures, there is a growing and lively art scene. We are excited to enrich it with our gallery and to bring artists and collectors from all over the world together.”

“We don’t want to be seen as inaccessible to the general public. The ‘Liberation of Art’ concept is to bring art out of the stuffy gallery environment and for people who want a centerpiece in their house,” said Paul Marks, General Manager of Business Development for Al Jaidah Brothers, the gallery’s GCC partners.


LUMAS gallery
LUMAS founders, Stefanie Harig and Marc Ullrich, aspire towards creating a means for experiencing and owning exceptional art photography

“What LUMAS has done is they have 70-75 photographic artists that work only for LUMAS. There’s nothing here that you can get anywhere else. The artist commits to 70-100 limited editions all of which are signed by the artist. After 100 are done that’s it and the value of the works starts going up. These are some of the top artists from around the world,” said Marks.

The 10-year-old gallery currently focuses on internationally recognised artists, but as it expands its footprint globally it will look into adding select local artists to its portfolio, said Marks.

LUMAS has branches in Berlin, London, Paris, and New York and was founded by Marc Ullrich and Stefanie Harig a decade ago. It all started in New York, East Village, in 1996 when the two bought five original prints of press photos from the 1920s. Since then, they went on to collect limited edition photographs from around the world, expanding their portfolio. Today, photographic art is hip again.

“It is almost the new retail. Now we have iPhones, apps, and everybody is much more interested in it. It’s become cool again,” Marks said.