Meet Nujeen Mustafa: the girl who fled war-torn Syria in a wheelchair

Vision speaks to the teenage refugee and her biographer, award-winning journalist Christina Lamb, at the 2017 Emirates Airline Festival of Literature in Dubai

When Nujeen Mustafa was just sixteen years old, she left her hometown of Kobane, Syria, to Europe, accompanied by her sister Nisreen. The months-long journey from Syria to Germany was made more difficult by the fact that Nujeen, a sufferer of cerebral palsy, was confined to a wheelchair that was too big for her body.

In her memoir Nujeen, co-written with journalist Christina Lamb, Mustafa relives her journey in harrowing detail. And yet, she says, it is important that she share her story with the world.

“I felt that it was a mission,” she says. In an exclusive interview with Vision, the pair discuss how Mustafa “puts an incredible human face on a crisis that a lot of people would rather not think about.”