Joanna Trollope: ‘You can’t furnish a room with e-Books’

The British author says physical books are the best way to inspire children in the UAE's Year of Reading 2016

Although it doesn't matter how you read, as long as you read, British author Joanna Trollope OBE says that in her experience, technology-savvy adolescents prefer books to fashionable e-readers.  

Advising how children can be encouraged to participate in the UAE's Year of Reading 2016, she emphasised the importance of physical pages and not "ephemeral" gadgets such as Kindles that cannot truly be owned and passed down the generations or furnish a room. 

"I went to open a new library at my oldest grandson’s school, about 18 months ago", she tells Vision. "I asked the 10-year-old boys if they used the two e-readers in the library and they said 'no! Absolutely not! We want to read all of Antony Horowitz but we want to look at our book shelves and think we've read three feet of books.'"