Enter the inspirational world of Victor Sitali

Victor Sitali's emergence as one of Dubai's emerging creative talents has not been an easy journey. The exciting new artist tells Vision how he uses art as a language

Talented artist Victor Sitali lost his hearing and speech at the age of two.

He never would have dreamed that relocating to Dubai in 2006 from Zambia would change his life forever, unnearthing an artistic talent that transcends his disability.

"Art is a language. There are no barriers for anyone who wish to express themselves. It gives me a chance to meet the world through my art. It is a life I once thought a long, long way away," he says. 

Painting and exhibiting at Mawaheb for Beautiful People in Dubai's Al-Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood has transformed Victor into a beacon of hope for students with special needs and most importantly, meant Victor can be himself. 

"They have given me the biggest gift in bringing out my self-confidence. I am now 'me'."