Dancing in Dubai

Vision meets Saif Aldamen, a choreographer and dancer at Dubai’s Tempo Dance Center which will perform at Dubai International Dance Festival. The eight-day event begins 14 September

Dubai's International Dance Festival promises to get everyone moving to the beats of the world. The eight-day event attracts some well-known dance companies, classical dance academies, youth orchestras, bands, and music ensembles from the region and internationally. The festival is also a catalyst for the creation of new work and creative activity, with an education programme and artistic collaborations with organisations throughout the UAE, the Middle East, and the rest of the world.

Performances, live entertainment, workshops, themed dance parties, dance competitions, international guest DJs and dance sessions in Salsa, Kizomba, Zouk, belly dancing, hip hop, African Dance, Bollywood, Brazilian Samba, Tango and much more are set to get toes tapping at this year's showcase, which begins 14 September.

Here, we meet Saif Aldamen, a choreographer and dancer at Dubai’s Tempo Dance Center which will perform at the festival.

Vision: What is Tempo Dance Center?

Saif Aldamen: It’s a professional company, catering to the artistic community in Dubai. We offer classes for children and adults in hip-hop, break-dance, classical ballet, belly dance, salsa LA style, Argentine Tango, house dance, zumba, capoeira (Brazilian martial art) and contemporary.

V: What wiil you perform at Dubai International Dance Festival? 

SA: A piece of different styles, demonstrating the beauty and art of dance. It's a mixed and shows what we teach here at Tempo, plus the performance of course be cool and smooth - blending several styles in just four minutes. And it goes without saying that it will be performed by very experienced instructors who are able to show the beauty and the hidden art of dance.

V: Have you performed at the festival before? 

SA: Yes, we performed two shows last year of mixed and Afro-Cuban styles. 

V: Does the festival go any way in making dance more popular in Dubai?

SA: The festival has been here in Dubai for eight years, and is a great event to showcase talent. It’s such an exciting weekend with hundreds of workshops and shows. Dancers from all around the world come to Dubai yearly to enjoy this fun-filled festival.

V: How would you describe the dance community in Dubai?

SA: It’s one of the biggest dance communities in the region. The good thing about Dubai is the diversity of its culture, so you get to witness dancers from all around the world. This builds a strong vibe of learning from other cultures.