App review: Learn a language with busuu

Want to learn a new language, but can't find the time or the budget for an extensive course? busuu might be just for you.

Have you always wanted to learn a new language, but could never find the time or money to do it? There are more options to learn now than ever before, with free resources available on the internet and new apps promising to help you study faster and better. Vision tried a few of those apps and settled on busuu, now being used by some 50 million people worldwide. And here is why.

1. Flexible, user-friendly interface

Recognised as the ‘Best Education Startup in Europe’ by EdTech Europe, the busuu app is self-explanatory. As soon as you open it and pick your language, you’re good to go. The design is cheerful and friendly, and the exercises are varied, from choosing the correct answers to matching spoken and written words and sentences. You can also access busuu on your mobile or computer screen.

2. Innovative way of learning

The education content busuu is based on has been designed by teachers who are trying to change the way languages are taught. All languages teach reading, writing, listening and speaking, and cater to all levels. The app focuses on teaching vocabulary that’s most needed in everyday situations. Users can go through all the activities or choose the ones relevant to their requirements.

3. Get help and offer it to others

busuu is also a community of some 50 million users. The app allows you to tap into that pool of native speakers who can correct your sentences for grammatical or spelling mistakes. You can offer help the same way by correcting other people learning your native language.

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busuu was recognised as the ‘Best Education Startup in Europe’ by EdTech Europe

4. Easy on the pocket

There are 12 languages offered on busuu. How many you can access depends on whether you’re using the free option or the paid one. With the free version, you can learn one language and will not be able to access the complete course. This is ideal for those who’d like to try out the app without making an investment. To take this to the next level, you can invest in the Premium Membership and access as many language courses as you like in full. This will set you back either EUR14.99 per month, if you choose the monthly option, or EUR5.83 per month if you choose to pay for an entire year in one go. The cost is a fraction of that in any reputable language institute.

While busuu is definitely not a substitute for a thorough language course, it is a convenient and fun way to start learning.

As for the name, busuu is an actual language spoken by a small community of only eight people in the North of Cameroon, according to the company’s website.