Watch: Mattar Bin Lahej, a local sculptor ‘making an imprint in history’

Mattar Bin Lahej has a traditional approach to his work, but also a global vision for Emirati art. In an exclusive video interview with Vision, the sculptor takes us through his captivating process 

“I always take care to nourish my soul more than my body,” says Mattar Bin Lahej. Though he is an artist in the most traditional sense of the word, building images through feeling and senses, Bin Lahej always takes chances with his work, and is making a name for himself in the local and international scene.

Bin Lahej’s ultimate mission is to prove that Emirati artists can produce world-class pieces, by staying true to their inspiration and vision. His latest project is to build a structure for the opening of Jumeirah Al Naseem Hotel in Dubai. He talks about a growing art scene in the city, insisting that artists must remain driven in order to match Dubai’s rapid development.