Grey matter: making sense of the mind

Rebecca Boyle

Advances in brain science are allowing for once-unimaginable progress in understanding the mind and fighting against age-related diseases

Moving forward: Dubai fashion

Jessica Holland

Dubai sashays ever closer to fulfilling its status as the fashion capital of the Middle East this spring, as the third seasonal Fashion Forward (FFWD) event hits the emirate

Dubai World Cup: tales from the track

Joanne Bladd & Adrienne Cernigoi

Vision goes behind the scenes of the richest horse race in the world to meet some of the individuals without whom this remarkable event would not be possible

All aboard: starchitects’ superyachts

Alyn Griffiths

As Dubai International Boat Show kicks off, Vision considers the new era of 'superyachts'

Connected world: creating a smart city

Ben East

Smart cities represent a sustainable and sophisticated way of living. Vision explores how everyday items may eventually become ‘connected’ and ‘smart’ to drive efficiency and sustainability for the future

Fashion: to the letter

Gemma Champ

Vogue is not just the world’s fashion bible, it has also shaped global culture for more than a century, as Vision finds out

Ping pong: picnic in the park

Maeve Hosea

Ping Pong is enjoying a moment in Dubai and this month the game gets a further boost as the renowned Chinese National Table Tennis Team gets on board to grow the game in the emirate’s parks

Bridging the gap: Hormuz Bridge architecture competition

Chris Sharratt

Hosted by the Gulf Architecture Biennial, the Hormuz Bridge competition envisions the geopolitical future of the Strait of Hormuz in the Middle East. Vision considers the role that bridges play

Adventure sports: ahead of the game

Rob Kemp

As new sports initiatives target youngsters in the UAE, Vision reports on how the growth of ‘alternative’ sports worldwide is helping combat health issues and attract new generations of sports fans

Culinary destinations: food for thought

Ben East

With Australian MasterChef filming two episodes in Dubai there is a clear sense that the city is becoming renowned for its food. Vision explores what it takes for a city become a culinary destination

Ways of the world: mapping technology

Lori Kozlowski

New technology is changing the ancient skill of cartography, giving us tools that can not only help us find our way around but change business and society

Humanitarian aid: new roads to recovery

Louise Redvers

Advanced technologies now offer aid agencies sophisticated ways to respond to global disasters and help those affected rebuild their lives, as Vision finds out

Hi-tech health: medical advancements

Chris Sharratt

Technological advancements are well documented in the medical sector, but what are some of the innovations being introduced to enhance the patient experience whilst in hospital? Vision explores

Driving force: Formula One

Ben East
Formula 1

As the Formula 1 world gears up to restart the 2013 season, Vision takes a look at the future changes set to shake up the sport

Trip of a lifetime: Google collections

Maeve Hosea

From the colourful depths of the Grand Canyon to the dizzying heights of the Burj Khalifa, the Street View Collections project by Google takes internet surfers on a mind-boggling journey around the world

Ramadan apps: worship goes hi-tech

Tahira Yaqoob

From signposting Mecca to broadcasting the call to prayer, technology is playing an ever-increasing role in the Islamic month of fasting

Urban regeneration: wastelands no more

Alyn Griffiths

Run-down parts of cities are often left to decay, but now architects and urban planners around the world are being commissioned to revitalise these neglected areas, as Vision finds out

On top of the world: mountaineering

Jessica Holland

As Saudi Raha Moharrak recovers from her record-breaking climb up Mt Everest, Vision takes a look at more of the world’s riskiest adventures

Empathy: more than a feeling

Ben East

In a fast-paced business world governed by profit margins, the value of intangible assets such as ‘emotional intelligence’ are easily overlooked. But organisations are realising 
that creating a contented workforce could be vital to their success. Vision reports…

Comedy: finding the funny bone

Hisham Wyne

Some argue that humour is universal, others that it is restricted by culture. With more and more comedians taking to the international circuit, Vision asks, can a joke be shared around the world?

3D tech: a new dimension

Matthew Hussey

While 3D film has struggled to find its place, other forms of 3D technology could revolutionise the way we make things – from precision engineering to living tissue. Vision considers the latest innovations

Sustainable habit: green buildings

Ben East
Sustainable buildings

In a world that is becoming ever-more environmentally conscious, does an eco-friendly building have the power to change the outlook of an entire company? finds out

Growing trend: fitness regimes

Ben East

With most New Year’s Resolutions fast becoming a distant memory, Vision explores the success of ‘Crossfit’, a new craze that is gathering a global following

Digital connectivity: a space odyssey

Duncan Graham-Rowe
Digital connectivity

Soon we will move through our environment in novel ways, our mobile devices acting as sensors, our personal data used to check our health and hi-tech glasses telling us about one another. Vision reports on a world of technology in perpetual motion

Instagram: make it snappy

Hannah Booth

Instagram is the web sensation Facebook paid US$1bn for. Vision reports on how a small photo-sharing start-up turned the world snap happy

Fashion runway: east meets west

Maeve Hosea

Rami Al Ali, a Syrian couturier who works out of Dubai and shows his design in Paris, believes fashion is a business for the worldly-wise

Retail heaven: try before you buy

Maeve Hosea

Most shoppers are keen to snap up a bargain when they head to the mall, but now a new concept known as 'tryvertising' means consumers can take home goods for free. finds out more

Rare breeds: saving seahorses

Maeve Hosea

Over 100 Hippocampus Hystrix Seahorses, an endangered species native to the Arabian Gulf, are the latest scion of The Lost Chambers Aquarium at Atlantis, The Palm, giving new hope to marine conservationists intent on preserving this endangered symbol of the seas

Dubai Cares: children first

Tahira Yaqoob

Dubai Cares is the largest charity in the world devoted to primary education. As the organisation celebrates its fifth anniversary, Vision looks at how it is providing opportunities for millions of children all over the world to escape poverty and build a better life

Digital mediums: channelling world change

Maeve Hosea
Social good summit

Some of the world’s brightest minds are meeting in New York this month to discuss the inspiring possibilities of using social media to leverage change for good

Secrets of Mars: Curiosity rover

Elizabeth Howell

A new rover has landed on Mars, ready to dig up clues as to whether the Red Planet ever was, or is, suitable for life. Elizabeth Howell offers a run-down on what this latest mission is hoping to find

Archaeology: Footprints from the past

Rob Flemming

A recent dramatic find of prehistoric footprints in Al Gharbia has set the hearts and minds of international scientists and archaeologists alight

Rio +20: ‘The Future We Want’

John Vidal

Representatives from more than 190 countries gathered in Brazil this month to debate the future of sustainable development. Now 20 years on from the first mega-conference, John Vidal assesses how far the world has progressed and the objectives to come from the latest summit

Happiness: a serious business

Andrew White

Are levels of wellbeing replacing economic performance as proof of a country’s success? Politicians around the world are starting to think so and, as Vision finds out, they all want to know one thing: how happy are you? 

Leading light: Olympic Torch Relay

Alasdair Lees

Sporting fans from all over the world tuned in to witness the start of the UK’s Olympic Torch Relay, which will be transported on its 8,000-mile journey by carefully selected British and international torchbearers before arriving in London in July

City living: combating loneliness

Helen Parton
Popup cafe

As the number of single home dwellers continues to rise the level of social connection has seen a marked decline. Helen Parton discovers how cities the world over are working to forge a sense of togetherness among communities

Badminton boom: World Superseries Finals

Laura Adcock

With news that Dubai will host a leg of the international badminton tournament for the first time, Vision explores the growing popularity of the sport

Diving in Dubai: FINA World Series

Reem Abulleil

As the world's best divers prepare to do battle in Dubai, Vision gives a taste of what to expect from the competition

Photography: an influential medium

Ben East

The Sony World Photography Awards aim to provide a global platform to showcase current trends, Vision finds out how

Cycling fever: Dubai Tour

Andrew White

The great and the good of the cycling world have descended on the UAE to be a part of the inaugural Dubai Tour event

Playing at altitude: extreme ping pong

Ben East

Some of the world’s best table tennis players swung their bats at the helipad on the top of the Dubai’s iconic Burj Al Arab. Vision shares their exhilarating experience

World Expo: From vision to victory

His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum

His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chairman of the Dubai World Expo 2020 bid, reflects on the two-year journey that culminated in November when the UAE learned it had won the honour of hosting this global mega-event

Modern world: wearable tech

Ben East

From interactive glasses to bizarre smartwigs, wearable technology looks set to become a reality in the near future. Vision explores the impact on our daily lives

Roll up, roll up: the allure of street markets

Maeve Hosea
Dubai Gold Souk

Offering a seductive mix of buzzing activity and striking individuality, markets are top on tourist to-do lists in destinations across the globe

Race to the top: Burj Al Arab hosts F1 stunt

James Bannister

Dubai’s iconic landmark provides vertiginous setting for Red Bull’s latest daredevil feat

Real life: busiest airports

Ben East

As National Geographic channel premieres the documentary Ultimate Airport: Dubai around the world, Vision asks why behind the scenes shows such as these remain so popular

People power: influencing business

Maeve Hosea

Known as ‘crowdsourcing’, ‘open innovation’ and other buzzy monikers, the trend for consumers to get more involved with business decisions is on a rising tide

Clean solutions: sustainable cityscapes

Ben East
Sustainable city

Cities across the world have been investing in green infrastructure to improve quality of life and enhance their international profile, Vision reports

Ends of the earth: new age exploration

Chris Sharratt

Scientific exploration - in all its forms - still plays a major role in shaping our understanding of the world, as Vision finds out

Charitable projects: cause for hope

Ben East
Good causes

Economic instability has triggered a slump in charity donations worldwide, but some pioneering individuals and organisations are using new tactics to help their causes stand out, as Vision reports

Sporting gestures: global health

Rob Kemp

Policy makers around the world are hoping the lure of sports initiatives may help stem the growing tide of obesity. Vision reports

Football stadiums: grounds for optimism

Rob Kemp

As football rapidly expands around the world, local and national teams are investing heavily in advanced new stadiums that will change the way we experience the game, Vision finds

Traveling green: eco tourism

Maeve Hosea

From awareness raising in Sharjah to whale watching in Dominica, eco tourism projects around the world are offering travelers guilt-free fun

On a roll: skater girls

Jessica Holland

Roller derby and skateboarding are both rebellious, young sports with their roots in American alternative culture; now, they’re helping promote health and education in the Middle East and North Africa

Ocean exploration: the deep space age

Jeffrey Marlow

The race is on to discover what lies at the bottom of the world’s final undiscovered frontier: its seas. Far from being a pursuit of wealthy celebrities or curious scientists, oceanography has become a key geopolitical consideration, with marine conservation and the securing of resources new priorities for global powers

Style trailblazers: Muslim fashion

Suzanne Elliott
Muslim fashion

A new generation of young, fashion-conscious Muslims are proving that you can be cool and modest, stylish and individual without compromising faith, as finds out

Brand building: You are what you wear

Ben East explores the meaning behind brand selection, and asks what our decisions say about us 

World class: sports development

Rob Kemp

State-of-the art facilities, ideal training conditions and Olympic expertise are establishing Dubai as a leading sports hub

Food for thought: putting sustainability on the menu

Maeve Hosea

As the world becomes increasingly alert to its finite resources, a raft of responsible restaurant businesses and entrepreneurs are rethinking the issue of food sustainability

Single life: a room of one’s own

Sally Davies
Single Dwellers

The number of people choosing to live alone has escalated dramatically over the past half century and is expected to rise in the coming decades. Vision investigates the causes and implications of the boom in singlehood

Space missions: the frontier spirit

Elizabeth Howell

Last year saw the final mission of the American space shuttle programme. But just as the US winds down its space operations, other nations around the world are enthusiastically gearing up to voyage to other galaxies…

Power players: assistive technology

Nick Harding

Bionic legs and i-limbs brought the extraordinary ability of thousands of paralympians into the spotlight this summer. takes a look at the innovative technologies and inspirational inventions that are changing the face of disability all over the world

Camel milk cafe: one lump or two?

Leonard Stall

Vision's editor-in-chief, Leonard Stall, drops in on Jassim Al Bastaki, the founder of Cafe2Go and self-appointed ambassador for camel milk

TechPsyche: are our brains in bits?

Ben East

Most of us now spend almost every waking moment online, surfing and texting, messaging and updating. But what toll is this taking on our health, our attention spans and our facility for learning? Vision reports

Arab cinema: New York platform

Maeve Hosea

With subjects spanning forbidden love in contemporary Egypt and living in conflict in the West Bank, a film festival in the Gulf has travelled to the US to raise awareness of contemporary Arab cinema abroad

Sporting chance: investing in future stars

Ben East

With the UAE’s London 2012 journey well underway, Ben East takes a look at how the country is investing in its sporting reputation

Nurturing talent: Youth conference

Laura Adcock

Giftedness 2012 will see exceptional children from around the world convening at this biennale scientific forum, along with internationally renowned speakers from the education sector. Held for the first time in the Middle East, finds out more 

Lingusitic prodigies: all talk?

Ben East

Globalisation is demanding that we learn more and more languages but what can we learn from those who can speak in 50 tongues or more? Vision investigates 

Sporting excellence: taking it to extremes

Rob Kemp

Ultra marathons, adventure races and multi-disciplined ‘athlons are coming into their own as sportspeople seek out new ways to push themselves in longer and tougher physical challenges. Rob Kemp investigates the growing appeal of new, multi-discipline events

Checkmate: battles of the chess world

Laura Adcock

As the competition for the chess world title – and the US$2m purse – gets underway this month, considers the rising popularity of this often overlooked sport and highlights the players making a name for themselves

Roger Federer: decade in the sun

Rob Kemp

Ahead of the Dubai Duty Free Tennis tournament, Vision caught up with this year’s champion, Roger Federer, to find out why he considers this a ‘home event’, and how his boyhood hero is helping to change his game…

Table tennis: spin when you’re winning

Zhen Liu

As the Dubai-sponsored Chinese national table tennis team prepares for a major tournament in the emirate, Vision talks to four of its star players about the challenges facing the sport

Olympics: battling for gold – and status

Rob Kemp

The Olympic Games is one of the world’s greatest events. But what does it take for a sport to become an Olympic sport? And how does inclusion raise its profile? Vision reports

Photojournalism: making an impact

Jessica Holland

The power of photography to shape public opinion is undisputed, yet budgets for photojournalism are being cut all over the world. Vision reflects on the reasons behind this

Passion and plaudits: curtain falls on festival of table tennis

Danielle Green

The ITTF World Tour Grand Finals, held this year in Dubai, draws to a close, with the event characterised by record-breaking action, spectator enthusiasm and generous fundraising

New Year: a world of celebration

Maeve Hosea

From foxtrots in Vienna to wave-jumping in Brazil, ushering in the New Year is memorable at traditional celebrations throughout the world

Celebrating tradition: Al Dhafra Festival

Maeve Hosea
Al Dhafra

Visitors to the Al Dhafra festival can expect to be entertained with local crafts, a traditional souk, a camel beauty contest, poetry, music and a food bazaar of authentic Emirati cuisine

Blogging: first past the post

Jessica Holland

Blogging has become one of the defining communication methods of the digital age, growing rapidly from a niche pursuit into a multi-million-dollar industry. Vision reports

Education, education: tackling poverty

Joanne Bladd
Dubai Cares

Vision learns how economic growth can be stimulated in poorer nations by helping to improve educational opportunities for girls

Unique experience: seaplanes

Ben East

Global travel is more popular than ever and in a bid to seek out unusual experiences, the 'golden age' of seaplanes looks to be enjoying a comeback, as Vision finds out

Saving the seas: marine conservation

Maeve Hosea

From dolphins in the Gulf to turtles in the Caribbean, scientists reveal the best way to protect the world’s marine life is by getting to know it better

Brought to life: UAE animation

Jessica Holland

The animation scene in the UAE has exploded in recent years, with studios attracting a wealth of regional and international talent. Vision explores some of the success stories

Speed machine: record-breaking supercar

Ben East

Brand new supercar 'The Bolt' will attempt to break the land speed record in October, and the revolutionary potential of the technology behind it is truly awe-inspiring, as Vision finds out 

Evolution: the unselfish gene

Amy Maxmen

Cooperation has long allowed humankind to accomplish impressive goals, and now the digital age is having a radical impact on the ways in which we work together. Vision explores the evolution of our collaborative instinct

World hunger: food for thought

Aya Lowe
World food

As the planet faces impending food shortages, Vision examines how the world needs to invest in food production to ensure the global population has enough to eat

Defying gravity: the allure of theme parks

Maeve Hosea

Exhilarating speeds, death defying drops, harrowing inversions and otherworldly sensations: the theme park ride continues to cast its spell over thrill-seekers the world over 

Growing craze: ping pong

Ben East
Ping Pong

The growing popularity of ping pong knows no bounds – as proven by the legions of fans who turned out in support of the World Championships in Paris this month. Vision takes a look at various initiatives around the world that are helping to secure the sport's position in the mainstream

World on tour: tourism 2.0

Katie Boucher

Passport, tick; toothbrush, tick; travel app, tick. With leisure flights into space due to launch next year, what role will technology play in our planning, booking and experience of new destinations – on this planet and further afield?

Racing start: Darley interns

Andrew White

As part of a groundbreaking international management training programme, young Chinese graduates are being offered the chance to travel the world and learn from the best and brightest in the thoroughbred industry. Vision meets the young interns determined to write a new chapter in the history of Chinese horsemanship

Food nutrition: mimicking the sun

Ben East

Vitamin D might be known as the 'sunshine vitamin', but when the majority of time is spent indoors to avoid the heat, it is common for people even in the sunniest climes to be deficient. looks at ways in which companies from around the world are trying to solve this problem

High seas: 21st-century cruises

Christopher Beanland
Cruise ships

A whole new generation is taking to the water as it discovers that cruise companies are revamping the format and placing music and entertainment at their core 

Tall buildings: the sky’s the limit

Maeve Hosea

London’s new architectural hero, the 309-metre Shard, officially launches this February, marking an upward trend for iconic tall structures in historic cities across the world

Pedal power: Dubai’s cycling future

Ben East
Cycle track

A new cycling lane in Dubai’s desert will help secure the future growth of the sport in the emirate. finds out more 

Geek to global: playing the video game

Kristan Reed

Our appetite for video games has never been so insatiable. With the global industry now worth billions of dollars and taking over our mobile devices and TVs, Vision investigates how the business of playing came to be worth serious amounts of money 

On the menu: fashion cafés

Maeve Hosea
Fashion cafes

Fashion cafes are popping up all over the globe and demonstrating that this immersive way of experiencing luxury brands is the fashion trend du jour

All aboard: sustainable transport solutions

Maeve Hosea

Advanced cable car technology is providing dramatic new angles for passengers and transport providers all over the world. takes a closer look

Artificial intelligence: the robots are coming

Olivia Solon

Major advances in artificial intelligence and sensor technology mean that robots could soon be a reality in our everyday life. Vision looks at the ethical, legal and technological implications of creating artificial beings built to do our bidding 

Trend spotting: fashion week season

Maeve Hosea

Trend watchers around the world have been eagerly scrutinising the big Spring/Summer 2013 collections coming off the catwalks in New York, London and Milan so far this September, before rounding up the season in Paris this week

Global celebration: World Humanitarian Day

Ben East

On Sunday 19 August people all over the world will take part in the annual World Humanitarian Day. Ben East shares the history behind the cause and takes a look at how Dubai’s International Humanitarian City will mark the day in the UAE  

Pillars of Islam: Ramadan

Tahira Yaqoob

The sighting of a new moon last week began the holy month of Ramadan. Tahira Yaqoob shares what this Islamic practice means for Muslims around the world

Home-grown talent: Emirati photographers

Laura Adcock
Nasser Ali

National pride coupled with government support for the younger generations has been a key factor in the UAE’s growth over the last 40 years. finds out from two up-and-coming photographers what it means to be Emirati

London 2012: The Incredibles

Salem Al Shaikh

The biggest sporting event in the world kicks off in London next month. As 204 nations prepare to field their teams, Vision picks out the Olympians who are set to shine at the 2012 Games

Go Gadget: the power of invention

Ben East

Often weird and wonderful, inventions have the ability to capture the imagination of people the world over. Ben East takes a look at the latest creations from this year’s International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, including the life-changing Robotic hand

The big shift: oceans and sustainability

John Vidal

Rapid coastal urbanisation is having a profound impact on the world’s oceans and their sustainability. With Expo 2012 in Yeosu focusing on this theme when it kicks off this month, John Vidal highlights the growing need to protect this vital ecosystem