Teeing off: the changing face of golf

Adam Szreter

With golf now firmly viewed as a mainstream sport thanks to its inclusion in the Olympic Games, Vision considers the increasing popularity of international tournaments and their economic impact on host cities


Public domain: works of art

Alyn Griffiths
Public art

With news that Dubai Metro stations will be transformed into art museums, Vision explores the importance of making art accessible to all


Grey matter: making sense of the mind

Rebecca Boyle

Advances in brain science are allowing for once-unimaginable progress in understanding the mind and fighting against age-related diseases

Special Report

Loans for raising: Islamic finance

Robin Wigglesworth

Could sharia-compliant bonds be the answer to funding the world’s growing infrastructure needs? Vision finds out

Reaching out: Muslim market

Alicia Buller

The global Islamic economy serves a huge audience of both Muslims and non-Muslims, and how brands engage with those audiences is becoming increasingly important

Islamic economy: values for money

Andy Sambidge

The potential of a global, ethically centred Islamic economy, for lifestyle companies in every sector, is vast, and can appeal to Muslim and non-Muslim consumers alike

My Dubai

Eva Longoria


The actress Eva Longoria visited Dubai recently for a star-studded Global Gift Gala event, which saw celebrities perform to raise money for local and international charitable causes. She talks to Vision about the importance of philanthropy and Dubai


Muna Al Gurg


While policy must be shaped to ease the progress of women in business, female executives can – and must – do more to help each other

The Vibe

O’de Rose


Dubai boutique O’de Rose is the visionary creation of cousins Nadine Khoury, Mimi Shakh-ashir and Dania Attallah. They champion chic reworkings of traditional Arabic art and design, with a focus on social responsibility. Nadine shares the inspiration behind the emporium