Franca Sozzani: Agent provocateur

Franca Sozzani Vogue Italia

The doyenne of Vogue Italia deals in more than just pretty clothes – Franca Sozzani made her public sit up and take notice of a 50-year old fashion institution. Here’s how she did it  


Letter from…The Outback

Letter from Outback

Susan Bradley lives on a million-acre cattle station in Northwest Australia. Her life changed when four aboriginal elders asked her to help promote their culture to future generations


A galaxy not so far away

Lara Matossian, Rohan Roberts, Cafe Scientifique, science, dubai science

The rare Mercury Transit occuring on May 9 reminds us of our place in the cosmos, says two of Dubai's elemental science stars Rohan Roberts and Lara Matossian


Graphene: The marvel material


This material has the potential to become as globally important as oil. As the World Congress and Expo on Nanotechnology Materials and Science draws to a close, meet graphene, science’s new star

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