Letter from… Nashville

Letter from Nashville

Musician Sarah Clanton moved from South Carolina  to Nashville 10 years ago. Inspired by the capital of country music, she is now making a name for herself as a promising singer-songwriter


What is happy learning and positive education?

Dr Abdulla Al Karam, Director General of Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority

Following the International Positive Education Network (IPEN) festival in Dallas, Texas, we speak to Dr Abdulla Al Karam, Director General of Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority, about Positive Education, and getting serious about happiness...


3 talking points from IPEN Festival 2016

IPEN Festival 2016 Positive Education

Beth Erickson reports from the concluding day of the world’s largest festival of Positive Education in Dallas to find out how educators from Dubai, China and Australia influence staff and students


How to: Exergame


A new generation of apps and games is putting an end to tedious exercise regimes. Carrie Swidecki – proud holder of the Guinness World Record for longest videogame marathon on a dance game – explains how to get fit by gaming


Recruiting for the space race

Space race UAE

As UAE joins the race to reach Mars it must develop both its scientific capabilities and inspire its youth, says Ibrahim Hamza Al Qasim, the mission’s Deputy Project Manager for Strategic Planning

Video – Lifestyle

The solace of birds


During this year’s Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, Vision took Helen Macdonald to the UAE desert to fly falcons. There, the author explained her fierce kinship with the birds that inspired her acclaimed memoir, H is for Hawk


How do you surf the web? Dubai pioneers Li-Fi

Li-Fi replace Wi-Fi and lightbulbs

60 per cent of the global population lacks internet access, but for how long? Vision investigates the top four innovative solutions from Silicon Oasis' Light Fidelity to toaster satellites and Mark Zuckerberg's drones


Franca Sozzani: Agent provocateur

Franca Sozzani Vogue Italia

The doyenne of Vogue Italia deals in more than just pretty clothes – Franca Sozzani made her public sit up and take notice of a 50-year old fashion institution. Here’s how she did it  

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