Letter from…Wales

letter from hobbit house

Megan Williams and her partner Charlie Hague built the famous ‘Hobbit House’ by the Lammas eco-village in Pembrokeshire, Wales, almost entirely out of natural, locally sourced and recycled materials. Here she describes the joys of living off the land.


Stunning national parks from around the world

national parks reserves animal nature environment forest island sea

To understand Mother Nature in all her splendour, a visit to one of the world’s great national parks is worthwhile – whether it be encountering near-extinct species deep in the Latin American jungle, or seeing islands that have shaped our theories of evolution 


An organic revolution

market organic food world health farmer vegetables fruit produce fresh

As interest in the healthy credentials of eco, bio and organic, gain ground globally, farmers markets across the world offer city-dwellers a winning mix of seasonality, provenance and sustainability. Vision explores 10 of the best markets out there


Ten Michelin-star chefs in Dubai

gourmet culinary food dubai city michelin star chef restaurant high-end

As Dubai's gastronomic world continues to expand, a growing number of world-famous chefs are setting-up shop in the emirate. From Gordon Ramsay to Jason Atherton, Vision looks at some of the best ventures that have made it to this emerging culinary hub

Art & Culture

Letter from…the world

travel tradition adventure exploration world society

An author and an inveterate traveller, Abdullah Al Jumah talks about life as a perpetual nomad, liberating himself from routine, and appreciating having his world turned upside down


Cocoa beans in the age of technology

chocolate cocoa beans sweets dessert delicacy technology innovation modern cuisine food art culinary

Thousands of years after it was first produced, chocolate is as popular as ever, and technological advances mean chocolatiers are putting a 21st-century spin on the ‘food of the gods’.


Dubai’s top 10 homegrown cafes

food cafe fresh organic pastry sweets dubai lifestyle home brands restaurant local

Dubai has become a popular destination for celebrity chefs looking to expand into new cities. At the same time, the local restaurant scene has been exploding with homegrown food outlets, creating new concepts and merging international and local flavours. Vision explores some of the most successful cafes created in this multicultural city. 


In search of culinary perfection


‘Molecular gastronomy’ has been dismissed as a high-end fad, but a new generation of chefs, restaurateurs and culinary writers are popularising the science of cooking


Tech Watch: the connected car

smart car 1

Just as mobile phones became smartphones, vehicles are becoming smartcars, from self-driving cars to those connected to ‘the internet of everything’. Many marques are busy working on smart ranges, including BMW with ConnectedDrive. Here are some of its most interesting features...

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