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The world’s biggest innovations. Renewable energy at its best. Eliminating genetic diseases before birth, and understanding how our solar system was created. These are just some of the end goals of innovative thinking, whether it be in the field of clean energy, city sensors, gene editing, space photography…Vision explores the possibilities of the freshest opinion and technologies in the world today.

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Issue 23

Issue 23

With non-state entities playing a larger role in our lives than ever before, governments must evolve to keep up. In issue 23 we investigate how forward thinking global administrations are giving their citizens a more involved ownership of their civic lives


Recruiting for the space race

Space race UAE

As UAE joins the race to reach Mars it must develop both its scientific capabilities and inspire its youth, says Ibrahim Hamza Al Qasim, the mission’s Deputy Project Manager for Strategic Planning

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The solace of birds


During this year’s Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, Vision took Helen Macdonald to the UAE desert to fly falcons. There, the author explained her fierce kinship with the birds that inspired her acclaimed memoir, H is for Hawk

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