Pioneering Spirit

Innovation Highlights
Groundbreaking ideas that drive change

The world’s biggest innovations. 3D printing transcending bricks and mortar. Saving the oceans, and joining the space race. These are just some of the end goals of innovative thinking, whether it be in the field of clean energy, city sensors, gene editing, space photography…Vision explores the possibilities of the freshest opinion and technologies in the world today


How to: Exergame


A new generation of apps and games is putting an end to tedious exercise regimes. Carrie Swidecki – proud holder of the Guinness World Record for longest videogame marathon on a dance game – explains how to get fit by gaming


Buzzing beyond the mainstream

Simon Coates

The experimental collective Tse Tse Fly is the perfect antidote to the UAE’s commercial music scene. Iain Akerman talks to founder Simon Coates ahead of a new album release

Art & Culture

Breaking Bread with chef Raghad

The Iraqi Table cookbook

Determined to pay tribute to the dynamic cuisine of her motherland, Raghad Al Safi spent seven years on a passion project that is now a cookbook entitled The Iraqi Table. She reflects on the journey to its completion with Samia Qaiyum

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