Letter from…Australia

Female truckers

Truck driving is most associated with big, burly men, but in a remote part of Australia an intrepid band of women are taking the ‘road train’ world by storm. Julie Power reports


Magnificent seven: staircases

ribbon chapel hiroshima

Hitchcock used them in his films to create a mood of subterfuge and deception. In religious discourse, they are commonly seen as illustrating a path to higher knowledge. Georgina Lavers discovers how the following designs extend the staircase’s meaning beyond a connection from A to B, whether it be by carving steps out of a Hawaiian landscape, or a reinvention of the Möbius strip

My Dubai

My Dubai: Alex Hua Tian

alex Hua Tian

Alex Hua Tian was the youngest-ever eventer at an Olympic Games when he entered the arena in 2008 at just 18 years old. His accomplishments in dressage, cross-country and showjumping earned him a silver medal at last year’s Asian Games. He talks to Vision about putting equestrian sports in the spotlight in his native China


It’s a wandering life

Fajer Abu Zayed

Fajer Abu Zayed’s average day can be described as an experiment in the art of navigating cultural differences and language barriers across the globe. The Dubai-born entrepreneur talks to Vision about the journey that led him here

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