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Upwardly mobile

Mobile financial services

Smartphone technology is now so advanced that we can conduct most daily business from the palm of our hand. James De Vile finds out how companies are catering to this new – and demanding – consumer

Current issue

Issue 18

Issue 18

In this issue, we meet the Chinese megastar with a bigger social media following than Barack Obama, discover why hyperconnectivity is revolutionising the way we do business, and change the tune on music consumers who are hijacking the charts


The story behind the Oud


One of the oldest instruments known to man, the Oud is living proof that even the most ancient of objects can be brought to life by a modern touch 

Art & Culture

A city embracing its art

sheikha bin dhaher

As Milan's 2015 Expo prepares to launch in May, Dubai is getting ready with preparations of its own for its 2020 event. Vision talks to the regional and international artists who are exhibiting their work around the emirate to illustrate how the city is embracing its cultural endeavours 

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