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Dubai means business: Retail and Leisure

Dubai Means Business: Retail and Leisure

The sixth entry in a series of films exploring trade and business in Dubai today. For travellers, Dubai is a vibrant and exciting place to come to experience everything from desert safaris to lavish hotels. Counting the world’s largest mall among its retail accolades, the emirate is one of the world’s leading shopping destinations. It captures attention in the luxury market and attracts the globe’s savviest consumers.

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Dubai means business: Events

Dubai Means Business: Events

The fifth film in the series that looks at trade and business in Dubai. Through the eyes of business leaders, this film examines the city's capabilities as a hub for global events. From major shows at Dubai World Trade Centre to sporting spectaculars, Dubai is increasingly setting the standard for blue-chip events.

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Dubai means business: Culture

Dubai Means Business: Culture

The fourth in a series of films highlighting trade and business in Dubai, looks at the creative industries in the Emirate. Artists, collectors and cultural leaders talk about Dubai’s burgeoning local art scene and examine its growing role in the wider world of art and culture.

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Dubai means business: SMEs

Dubai Means Business: SME

The third in a series of films exploring trade and business in Dubai today. For entrepreneurs, Dubai is a place of fast growth, innovation and a ‘can do’ attitude that can be seen across creative spaces such as Shelter and the Pavilion where opportunities for creativity and collaboration flow.

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Dubai means business: Trade

Dubai Means Business: Trade

The second in a series of three films exploring trade and business in Dubai today. Business leaders talk about Dubai’s position as an international trade hub and a gateway to the wider region and emerging economies such as Africa, Brazil, China and India.

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Issue 18

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A city embracing its art

sheikha bin dhaher

As Milan's 2015 Expo prepares to launch in May, Dubai is getting ready with preparations of its own for its 2020 event. Vision talks to the regional and international artists who are exhibiting their work around the emirate to illustrate how the city is embracing its cultural endeavours 


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Different cuisines

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