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Comic Con in Dubai


Fans, cosplayers and stars of sci fi all descended on Dubai for the 2015 Middle East Film and Comic Con. From Cruella De Vil look-alikes to mini Wolverines, Vision headed out on the floor to take a look at some of the best costumes from the day


The hoard instinct

hoarding belongings clutter

People have collected and stored objects as signs of who they are for millennia. But in the 21st century, is this enduring drive to hold on to our possessions good for our health, asks Trish Lorenz


Strength in numbers

Hongbin Cong, Hongbin Cong is Managing Director at Invest Dubai, Falcon and Associates. He says the relationship between China and the GCC region has been evolving and deepening over the past years, resulting in substantial benefits for both sides

The partnership between Dubai and China is a good example of how an increasingly close friendship between two countries can pay off in a multitude of different ways


A family affair

De'Longhi CEO Fabio De’Longhi with his father Giuseppe De'Longhi

Italian home appliance firm De’Longhi’s robust family business credentials have helped it to flourish in the Middle East and China


DUST never settles

DUST Mostyn Rischmueller James Locksmith

Mostyn Rischmueller and James Locksmith are the brains behind DUST, an underground night out in Dubai. They talk about the best nights they have ever hosted, as well as why the underground scene is quietly making waves in the emirate


Higher culture

Per-Ola Karlsson  James Thomas

To achieve solid, lasting success, business leaders must create a corporate culture that inspires and emboldens their workforces, argue Per-Ola Karlsson and James Thomas

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President Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter

Former US President Jimmy Carter talks to Vision about the valuable friendships he has made in the UAE over his career, as well as his philanthropic efforts to fight tropical diseases

Art & Culture

Comic culture

Sohaib Awan

Sohaib Awan, creator of the internationally acclaimed Jinrise comic book series and CEO of Jabal Entertainment, shares his thoughts on why this year’s Middle East Film and Comic Con (MEFCC) is the place to be this season

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